Active Projects

Title Funder Year £ Role
QMIA: Quantifying and Mitigating Bias affecting and induced by AI in Medicine Medical Research Council 2023-2026 £649,218 PI
Using rare disease phenotype models to identify people at risk of COVID-19 adverse outcomes NIHR, Health Data Research UK 2023 £38,065.54 PI
Towards self-updatable knowledge base for evidence based medicine - join force with (Norway) and beyond UCL Global Engagement Funding 2023 £5,000 PI
UCL-NMU-SEU International Collaboration On Artificial Intelligence In Medicine: Tackling Challenges Of Low Generalisability And Health Inequality British Council 2022 - 2023 £29,400 PI
Building a database of the immunohistochemical profiles of tumours from histopathology reports at scale using large language models and machine learning Rosetrees Trust 2023 - 2025 £59,907 CoI
ExplainHealth: reducing inequalities in health literacy Moorfields Eye Charity 2023 - 2024 £142,306 CoI
Artificial Intelligence and Multimorbidity: Clustering in Individuals, Space and Clinical Context NIHR 2021-2024 £3.9m CoI
The Advanced Care Research Centre Programme Legal & General/University of Edinburgh 2020-2026 £20m CoI
Improving the quality and value of care for people with poor prognosis cancers - a national, mixed methods study across Scotland The Health Foundation 2021-2024 £399,224 CoI
National Text Analytics Project MRC/HDR UK 2019-2023 £650,000 CoI


Minghong Wang “COOLNeo-an automated COOLing therapy for NEOnates” The iTPA Translational Innovation Competition £9,960.00 13/01/2022
Huayu Zhang “Towards data-driven fine management of COVID-19 hospitalization risk for rare-disease patients” The iTPA Translational Innovation Competition £1,000 11/08/2020
Hang Dong “Ontology-enhanced rare disease detection from free-text clinical notes for patient shielding” The iTPA Translational Innovation Competition £1,000 21/09/2020
Víctor Suárez Paniagua “Combine deep learning and active learning to improve rare disease named entity recognition for COVID-19 shielding” The iTPA Translational Innovation Competition £1,000 21/09/2020

Finalised Projects

Title Funder Year £ Role
Intelligent automated triage in Dermatology and beyond Data-Driven Innovation 2021 £19,301.63 CoI
AI Lead
Towards an AI-driven Health Informatics Platform for supporting clinical decision making in Scotland – a pilot study in NHS Lothian Wellcome Trust 2020-2021 £29,200 PI
Graph-Based Data Federation for Healthcare Data Science MRC/HDR UK 2019-2020 £260,057 CoI
Academic co-lead
Deriving an actionable patient phenome from healthcare data
Transferred to UCL, Extended to 2022
MRC/HDR UK 2018-2022 £315,181 PI
Iris.AI - The AI Chemist Iris.AI, Research Council of Norway 2021 - 2022 £39,000 PI